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Disappointing Players

There are many metrics you could use to assess which players were the most "disappointing" during their college career. Instead of looking at specific individual stats, I'm going to start by looking at 3 team-oriented numbers. I'm looking specifically at players with a RSCI ranking of 20 or better. Players in the top 20 of every class are expected to have a big impact on a program. Those kind of players are likely going to start a large percentage of the time, contribute to a lot of wins, and even help their team get to the NCAA tournament. Future analysis will look at individual stats.

Games Started

Considering there are over 300 Division I college basketball teams, there is an assumption that all of the Top 20 incoming freshmen will eventually have a major role at their school to include starting a large number of games. While it isn't fair to say that every Top 20 player has to start a large number of games or be considered a disappointment, it often means the player didn't live up to expectations.

Below is a list of Top 20 players that have started less than 50% of the games they played and had a winning percentage of less than 80%. I added the 80% winning percentage criterion after players such as Danny Green (UNC), Marvin Williams (UNC), and Sherron Collins (Kansas) showed up when I didn't take winning percentage into account. In some cases, highly ranked players for Top 10 programs may not start much because their team is stacked with talent.

PlayerClassTeamRSCIPlayedStartedStarted PctWinning Pct
Donnell Harvey1999Florida 13790.2430.784
Gerald Wallace2000Alabama 43620.0560.694
Marvin Stone1999Kentucky 599340.3430.727
Jason Fraser2002Villanova 5110520.4730.682
John Henson2009North Carolina 537120.3240.541
B.J. Mullens2008Ohio State 83320.0610.667
Ed Davis2008North Carolina 962250.4030.758
Von Wafer2003Florida State 1161220.3610.475
Mouphtaou Yarou2009Villanova 122180.3810.667
Dante Taylor2009Pittsburgh 133400.00.735
Evan Burns2002San Diego State 132680.3080.538
Wally Judge2009Kansas State 153660.1670.778
Ray Young1998UCLA 16123390.3170.602
Vernon Macklin2006Georgetown 1699330.3330.747
Chris Rodgers2002Arizona 17119240.2020.756
Derrick Caracter2006Louisville 1780360.450.725
Mike Jones2003Maryland 17128540.4220.633
Michael Snaer2009Florida State 1732100.3120.688
Abdou Diame2000Auburn 1784310.3690.464
Tyler Zeller2008North Carolina 184220.0480.738
Dominic Cheek2009Villanova 193300.00.758
Winning Percentage

Obviously there is more to helping a program than just starting a lot of games. Ultimately, it is about winning. Top 20 recruits generally attend schools that have a winning tradition or situations where they feel they can help contribute wins. For a variety of reasons, it doesn't always work out this way.

Below is a list of Top 20 players that have played more than 15 games and have a winning percentage of less than 50%.

PlayerClassTeamRSCIPlayedStartedStarted PctWinning Pct
LaVell Blanchard1999Michigan 61151080.9390.452
J.J. Hickson2007NC State 931260.8390.484
Kris Humphries2003Minnesota 1029280.9660.414
Keith Gallon2009Oklahoma 1030210.70.433
Von Wafer2003Florida State 1161220.3610.475
Andre Brown2000DePaul 11107720.6730.477
Omar Cook2000St. John's 1129291.00.483
Jonathan Hargett2001West Virginia 1326220.8460.308
Alton Ford2000Houston 1426180.6920.308
Anthony Randolph2007LSU 1431311.00.419
Linas Kleiza2003Missouri 1449280.5710.49
Abdou Diame2000Auburn 1784310.3690.464
Antoine Wright2002Texas A&M 1887830.9540.483
Imari Sawyer2000DePaul 1847400.8510.404
Trevor Ariza2003UCLA 1925230.920.36
NCAA Tournament Games

Finally, while wins are always important, the goal of every program is to make it to the NCAA Tournament.

Below is a list of Top 20 players that have played 2 or more seasons and have played in zero NCAA Tournament games.

PlayerClassTeamRSCIPlayedStartedStarted PctWinning Pct
LaVell Blanchard1999Michigan 61151080.9390.452
Rick Rickert2001Minnesota 963620.9840.571
Nick Calathes2007Florida 1172710.9860.681
Damien Wilkins1999NC State 11117900.7690.556
Von Wafer2003Florida State 1161220.3610.475
Olu Famutimi2003Arkansas 1357420.7370.509
Linas Kleiza2003Missouri 1449280.5710.49
Daniel Horton2002Michigan 151101060.9640.636
JaMychal Green2008Alabama 1763590.9370.54
Abdou Diame2000Auburn 1784310.3690.464
Imari Sawyer2000DePaul 1847400.8510.404
Antoine Wright2002Texas A&M 1887830.9540.483
Brandon Costner2005NC State 19101840.8320.545
Rolando Howell2000South Carolina 19102660.6470.52
Luke Babbitt2008Nevada 1968681.00.618

There are only 2 players that match all three of the categories above (started less than 50% of their games, won less than 50% of their games, and never went to an NCAA Tournament game): Von Wafer (Florida State) and Abdou Diame (Auburn).

There were no players from the Top 10 that were in all 3 categories and only LaVell Blanchard (Michigan) was in 2 categories. Top 10 players are a virtual lock to start a bunch of games, help their team win more than 50% of their games, and reach the NCAA Tournament.

Lastly, the majority of players on this page had rather forgettable careers (you may not even recognize many of the names) and did not go on to success at the next level. This is quite different from the Impact Player list.

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