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Mike Anderson

Age: 55 years old
Born: Dec 12, 1959
Alma Mater: Tulsa
Graduation Year: 1982
Arkansas 2011-201582-44 (0.651)
Missouri 2006-2011111-57 (0.661)
UAB 2002-200689-41 (0.685)

Overall:   3 teams, 13 seasons, 282-142 (0.665)

Ultimately, coaches are measured based on wins and losses. Below is the win/loss record for Coach Anderson over his career including his record in conference games, NCAA tournament games, close games, blowout games, and overtime games. To see season-by-season win/loss numbers, click on the "Chart It" link beside the type of game you are interested in. Then click on the blue arrow icon to view games for a particular season.

Overall Games2821420.665 (See below)
Conference Games130910.588 Chart It
NCAA Tourney Games (since 1980)760.538 Chart It
Close Games (decided by < 6 pts)55510.519 Chart It
Blowout Games (decided by > 19 pts)97160.858 Chart It
Overtime Games1290.571 Chart It

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Overall Record by Season

14-15 Arkansas 2350.821Control_fastforward_blue
13-14 Arkansas 22120.647Control_fastforward_blue
12-13 Arkansas 19130.594Control_fastforward_blue
11-12 Arkansas 18140.562Control_fastforward_blue
10-11 Missouri 23110.676Control_fastforward_blue
09-10 Missouri 23110.676Control_fastforward_blue
08-09 Missouri 3170.816Control_fastforward_blue
07-08 Missouri 16160.5Control_fastforward_blue
06-07 Missouri 18120.6Control_fastforward_blue
05-06 UAB 2470.774Control_fastforward_blue
04-05 UAB 22110.667Control_fastforward_blue
03-04 UAB 22100.688Control_fastforward_blue
02-03 UAB 21130.618Control_fastforward_blue