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2013-2014 Season

The following table contains referees that officiated 5 or more games in the Big Ten during the 2013-2014 season. Ref stats for just Big Ten conference games as well as each ref's total stats are included. The bubble plots to the right show the number of games officiated (x-axis) vs fouls per game (y-axis). The size of each bubble is determined by the total number of fouls called by each ref.

Big Ten Conference GamesAll Games
Referee GFoulsFPGStd DevHMGFoulsFPGStd DevHM
Gene Steratore2692835.77.1-2.1 56199835.77.5-1.9
Larry Scirotto2589235.77.1-2.7 73266536.56.7-2.5
Terry Wymer2490937.95.2-4.0 79302838.36.3-3.9
Mike Kitts2478332.65.4-2.0 63221335.17.5-2.8
Lamont Simpson2381535.45.4-2.9 70244534.96.2-1.9
Bo Boroski2282837.66.5-0.4 86322137.56.3-2.0
Mike Sanzere1555937.36.0-2.5 68260838.46.8-2.2
Mike Eades1458141.56.6-3.5 85319937.67.3-1.7
Ray Perone1352140.18.3-1.5 64237037.07.2-0.9
Terry Oglesby1245437.85.9-0.8 79299938.07.0-2.5
John Gaffney1143139.28.7-1.2 79318440.38.2-1.6
D.J. Carstensen1137734.36.6-3.5 63236137.56.9-3.8
Pat Driscoll1135432.23.5-0.5 71256336.17.2-1.7
Ted Valentine1134531.45.6-1.9 88296033.66.8-2.4
Steve McJunkins1036236.26.5-4.0 42145534.66.7-2.8
Brian Dorsey934738.68.7-2.8 89351039.48.8-1.0
Bill Ek936040.05.4-0.9 46175238.16.7-2.4
Tom Eades933236.97.4-2.7 90342038.06.1-2.4
Jim Burr831138.97.7-1.6 50182636.57.1-2.5
Mark Whitehead828135.16.7-1.4 91354038.96.5-2.2
Donnie Eppley724434.96.5-0.6 76286537.77.1-1.7
Paul Szelc726738.18.10.1 64237937.28.0-3.1
Tim Clougherty724334.77.3-3.0 64245038.37.4-1.5
Glenn Mayborg723133.04.4-3.3 55200136.47.8-3.1
Chris Beaver620434.08.5-0.3 59221837.66.3-2.6
Earl Walton520340.67.1-3.4 75293839.27.0-1.6
John Higgins519038.05.4-3.6 96366538.26.7-2.4
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