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Compare the stats of up to 6 referees at a time. You can even compare a particular ref's stats across multiple seasons. You can also compare "career" ref stats going back to 1997.

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Foul Stat Reports

I continue to receive a lot of queries about various foul statistics. Is it true that there are more fouls during conference tournaments? Which conferences generate the most fouls? Are the number of fouls in the NCAA Tournament consistent with the rest of the season? I've attempted to address these questions and more with the following reports.
Foul Differential
Among Top 25 Teams
Foul_diffFoul Differential
Among All Teams
Fouls_ncaa_tourneyNCAA Tournament
Fouls Per Game
Fouls_withinFoul Differential Among Teams
Within a Conference

Fouls_reg_conftourneyRegular Season vs
Conference Tournaments
Foul_scatterFoul Comparison
Between Conferences

Season Trends

The following charts show the season averages for various foul-related stats since 1997. Season averages are computed by averaging a stat over all the games played during a season. Last season there were over 5,500 games so the data set is large.
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