Is experience an important factor for success college basketball? Use the Experience Tracker to analyze team experience and performance across the NCAA, within a specific conference, or on a team-by-team basis.

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To help analyze the impact of experience I compute an "experience per minute". This is the sum of minutes each player plays multipled by their class year (Freshmen = 1, Sophomore = 2, Junior = 3, and Senior = 4) divided by the total team minutes. A number approaching 4 indicates a team playing mostly seniors and juniors whereas a number approaching 1 indicates a team of mostly freshmen and sophomores.

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Top 10 Least Experienced Teams
1.32 KentuckySEC29110.7256
1.43 HowardMEAC8250.242327
1.61 James MadisonCAA11200.355227
1.63 EvansvilleMissouri Valley14190.424198
1.73 KansasBig 1225100.7143
1.76 New Jersey TechIndependents13160.448316
1.80 TexasBig 1224110.68641
1.84 Illinois StateMissouri Valley18160.529139
1.85 Northern KentuckyAtlantic Sun9210.300312
1.88 MichiganBig Ten2890.75711
Top 10 Most Experienced Teams
3.66 Texas SouthernSWAC19150.559253
3.66 Norfolk StateMEAC19150.559232
3.62 TroySun Belt11200.355287
3.53 MercerAtlantic Sun2790.75082
3.49 Eastern KentuckyOhio Valley24100.706100
3.49 North Carolina CentralMEAC2860.824103
3.49 Arkansas StateSun Belt19130.594188
3.47 Saint LouisA-102770.79423
3.46 North DakotaBig Sky17170.500229
3.46 LibertyBig South11210.344315

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Below is a scatter plot of every team. The Y-axis is the team winning percentage and the X-axis is the average class year per minute. This shows a fairly even distribution of winning percentage across class year per minute.

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